Rogall + Co. has a foundational history rooted in the vision of its owner, Steven Rogall, who established the company at the age of 19. Starting as Steven Rogall Painting, Inc., the company grew to become Rogall Painting, Inc., recognized for its commitment to precision and excellence in the Central Coast region.

Over the past 19 years, Steven Rogall has developed expertise in wood restoration, deck construction and repair, and various painting techniques. His focus shifted from mere beautification to holistic home maintenance, prioritizing the safety and health of homes in the area. He emphasized thorough repair and restoration rather than superficial solutions, establishing the core values of the organization.

Steven’s dedication to understanding comprehensive home care led to his commitment to educate his team on all facets of home maintenance. His vision revolves around empowering homeowners with insights into their most significant asset—their homes. His goal is to enhance the quality of life for every homeowner in the Central Coast through ensuring safety, health, and aesthetic appeal.

Beyond his industry leadership, Steven is a community leader, evident in Rogall + Co.’s recent “Paint it Forward” initiative in San Luis Obispo County. This philanthropic endeavor aims to support families in need, utilizing the expertise of Steven and his dedicated team for a meaningful impact.

Undergoing a recent rebranding, Rogall + Co. remains grounded in its fundamental values of honesty, integrity, curiosity, accountability, humility, and thoughtful care. The company culture is deeply embedded in these values, fostering a collaborative team environment that prioritizes diversity of thought, background, and experience. Every team member shares the ethics and ethos that initiated the company’s journey.