The name Rogall + Co. in San Luis Obispo County represents more than a painting service. It stands for unparalleled quality, integrity, and an exceptional dedication to community welfare. Offering a range of services spanning from wood restoration to deck construction, Rogall + Co. has not only enhanced the aesthetics of homes but also fortified their structural integrity. How did this distinctive legacy originate, and what motivates this company’s unwavering focus on the community? This comprehensive exploration into the history and guiding principles of Rogall + Co. will shed light on these inquiries and further insights.

The Humble Beginnings: The Birth of Rogall

Steven Rogall: Learning and Growing

The story of Rogall + Co. is tied to its founder, Steven Rogall. At just 19, Steven began a journey that led to building one of the most respected companies in San Luis Obispo County. After learning about painting and mastering the trade, he started his own business. Instead of fancy ads, he started by offering services and seeking opportunities in his community.

From Steven Rogall Painting, Inc. to Rogall + Co.

Even before turning twenty, Steven started Steven Rogall Painting, Inc. He cared not only about making homes look better but also about their well-being. The company’s name changed to Rogall Painting, Inc., but the commitment to excellence remained. As Steven matured, he saw the need for a broader approach to home care, going beyond just painting walls and understanding homes as living spaces needing specialized care.

What Does Rogall + Co. Do?

Home Health Care

Rogall + Co. goes beyond being just a ‘painting company.’ It provides various home care services including wood restoration, deck construction and repair, and specialized painting. The aim isn’t to cover issues with quick fixes, but to ensure that customers live in homes that are not only beautifully restored but also safe.

Tailored Solutions for Coastal Needs

Deeply rooted in the Central Coast, Rogall + Co. comprehends the challenges posed by the coastal climate. Understanding the specific care coastal homes demand, Steven took the time to learn the intricate details of repairing and restoring homes. Addressing concerns such as salty air and intense sun, the company offers tailored services that consider these unique challenges.

The Core of Rogall

Our Motto

Rogall + Co.’s motto, “one person, one home, one neighborhood at a time,” reflects its commitment to community welfare. The company is dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing homes, ensuring both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Our Approach

Rogall + Co. operates under the principle that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” They prioritize diagnosing a home’s root issues before recommending solutions, ensuring long-lasting results rather than temporary fixes.

Our Values

Honesty, integrity, curiosity, accountability, humility, and thoughtful care aren’t just words; they are the fundamental values guiding Rogall + Co. throughout its years of service. Every team member at the company embodies these values, contributing to the collective ethos that defines its operations. The company’s culture is rooted in these values, fostering a cohesive team environment and investing deeply in its members. Embracing diverse perspectives and backgrounds is a key focus.

Our Legacy

Rogall + Co. stands as a testament to what businesses can achieve through values, community dedication, and an unceasing pursuit of excellence. Despite a recent rebranding, the company remains loyal to its foundational principles, aiming for continued positive impact on the Central Coast.

If you seek more than just a painting service and desire a comprehensive home care provider that cherishes your home as a sanctuary, Rogall + Co. is the answer. Join us in our mission to create healthier, more beautiful homes and communities, contributing to our enduring legacy.