Coastal elements, such as water, sun and salt wreak havoc on a home’s siding, trim and wood work. Covering these major symptoms with paint, compound issues and costs. Rogall + Co does not paint over these problems.

We approach each job with care and expertise. The preparation for a paint job may reveal underlying home health issues. Along with esthetics; our eye is on durability, performance, and extending the lifespan of building materials. We take steps to understand what a home needs to prevent surprises and give you peace of mind.

The Rogall + Co’s Inspection Report builds the game plan, which will provide you knowledge and confidence from the start.

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Jerry Borowick
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“I have successfully contracted with Steve for many years. His employees always paid attention to detail, did excellent work, were courteous, kept me informed as to the progress of the job, were clean, finished on schedule, and always showed up when they said they would. I would certainly recommend Steve to others.”


We diagnose before we prescribe treatment. Because we are thorough in our physical inspection process, we go deeper than simply observing from a distance, we get up close and personal, use a ladder and observe issues in fine detail.

Similar to a doctor’s yearly physical, Rogall + Co’s Home Healthcare Check is a stand alone, on-site inspection of the entire house. The Surface Condition Report is a diagnostic tool that enables us to closely evaluate your home’s surfaces and provide insight into its structural integrity.

A way to save money and create efficiency is to integrate our Signature Home Healthcare Check with our softwash or window washing services.

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“What I appreciate most with any service provider is good communication. This company was quick, kept in touch each step of the way, and did a great job painting our deck. They know the definition of customer service!”


Have you heard the horror stories of a person unknowingly falling through their unsafe deck? When we inspect a deck, stability and safety are top of mind. As your deck defense team, we diagnose and treat all the culprits that destroy your deck.

Our inspector’s keen eye spots unsafe dry rot, corrosion, water intrusion, and termite degradation, and identifies non-compliant hardware and materials. Finding and addressing these deck safety issues, will prevent unnecessary rebuilds.

Rogall + Co inspectors are certified through the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) after extensive coursework, training, and testing. Every deck job requires a thorough on-site walk through with a qualified inspector.

A comprehensive report with annotated photos, showing areas of concern, identifies a treatment plan to get your deck back to being healthy and safe.

Kathy H
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“We’ve worked with Rogall several times in the last few years. They are professionals and extremely customer and detail oriented.  You couldn’t ask for a better painting and construction crew!”


  • Coating and/or Substrate Inspection
  • Detailed Surface Preparation
  • High Quality Coating Application
  • Color Consultation
  • Holistic Project & Jobsite Management


  • Rogall + Co. House Call Consultation
  • Rogall + Co. Surface Condition Report
  • Rogall + Co. Home Health Care Plan


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