The Dance of Art + Science


How well does your house represent you? Our homes reflect our unique stories and personalities to our entire community, so it is our goal to help you feel what we call House Proud.


How healthy is your home? Rogall’s Home Health Diagnostics reveal any underlying issues to ensure that your home is safe from the coastal elements and ready for whatever the next chapter brings.



Whole Home Diagnostics

Similar to a doctor, we diagnose before we prescribe treatment. Because we are thorough in our physical inspection process, we go deeper than simply observing from a distance, we get up close and personal, use a ladder and observe issues in fine detail.

Foster The Health Of Your Home

Our unique approach maintains and protects your home from the inside out. A number of our Central Coast homes and decks are constructed from wood. Our keen eye pays attention to every single detail, especially when it comes to the integrity of wood.

Building Lasting Memories

The perfect deck stands at the intersection of beauty, safety, and durability. We create a masterful deck design, then execute the construction to seamlessly extend your home into the coastal breeze. Our highly trained, certified team is at your service.

Where Strength Meets Beauty

Well-cared-for siding is a sturdy and beautiful protective layer that keeps the elements at bay. Making sure siding is free of cracks, dry-rot, and other damage is integral to home health. Our commitment is to extend your home’s exterior health and beauty.

We Endure Enduring Beauty

Applied correctly, paint renews the surface of your house and protects every layer beneath it. We are committed to superior preparation, high-quality materials, and beautiful results, which combined with precision and craftsmanship result in the highest standards of any painting service.

The Power of Soft Washing

An ounce of prevention is worth “more” than a pound of cure. One of the best ways to prevent future costly home repairs is soft washing a home’s exterior. Our gentle, yet powerful deep cleaning system prolongs surface life and prevents home corrosion.

A Perfect Coastal View

We help you make the most of your rare and lovely Coastal view. Whether your windows overlook a lively neighborhood community, tall majestic trees, sunrises over the mountains or sunsets in the Pacific, a clean window enhances the experience.


Our Artisan Promise

We strive to create ‘WOW’ experiences through
fine-quality craftsmanship, excellent communication, and – most of all – care. If, for any reason, we have come up short, let us know. We will always make it right.