Rogall + Co’s top concern is home health and beauty. Sometimes our prescribed treatment does not necessarily involve painting or home repairs.

An ounce of prevention is truly worth “more” than a pound of cure. One of the best ways to prevent future, large, costly, home repairs is soft washing a home’s exterior.

Our gentle, yet powerful deep cleaning system prolongs surface life and prevents home corrosion. Coupled with our signature Rogall + Co Surface Condition Report, our experts identify damaged areas, and recommend treatment, such as painting and home repairs.

Our team provides excellent solutions; whether your primary focus is beauty, or a deeper concern for safety and longevity.

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by Lauren L
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“Steven provided us with excellent service and helpful suggestions. His crew was wonderful to work with and always respectful and thorough. Highly recommend.”


Why paint? A coat of paint may seem like the most obvious beautification path, but in the quest for improved aesthetics, simply covering over problems can do more harm than good.

Similar to how too much salt in your diet may lead to health problems, salt is the main culprit for dingy, dull, and ultimately destroyed home surfaces. If not removed, debris buildup on exposed surfaces, plus salt from the coastal breeze, permanently etch and stain paint film.

For coast-dwellers, soft cleaning is essential to enhancing your home’s exterior look and longevity. Rogall + Co’s home washing process protects the sheen, and allows your existing paint colors to pop!

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“I have successfully contracted with Steve for many years. His employees always paid attention to detail, did excellent work, were courteous, kept me informed as to the progress of the job, were clean, finished on schedule, and always showed up when they said they would. I would certainly recommend Steve to others.”


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Similar to a doctor, Rogall + Co’s goal as your Home Healthcare provider is to address minor home problems early, to prevent future major issues, costly expenses, and headaches.

Soft washing protects a home’s paint film from the relentless elemental culprits namely water, sun, salt, insects, and dry rot. Our process strengthens your home’s facade, preventing the paint film from getting dry and brittle, and expels those pesky elements.

Regular cleaning prevents unnecessary coating failure and subsequent damage, prolonging the life of your home’s paint job and substrates. A thorough cleaning, enables our team to visually review the state of the home and make recommendations. The soft wash is easily paired with our detailed Surface Condition Report.

by Lauren L
Yelp Review

“Steven provided us with excellent service and helpful suggestions. His crew was wonderful to work with and always respectful and thorough. Highly recommend.”


  • Stripping home exteriors of mold, mildew, dirt, and pollutants
  • Tailored washing plans depending on your home’s age and condition
  • Power washing home exteriors, walkways, decks, garage floors, etc.
  • Holistic Project & Jobsite Management


  • Rogall + Co. House Call Consultation
  • Rogall + Co. Surface Condition Report
  • Rogall + Co. Home Health Care Plan


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