Rogall + Co’s unique approach maintains and protects your home from the inside out. A number of our Central Coast homes and decks are constructed from wood. Our keen eye pays attention to every single detail, especially when it comes to the integrity of wood.

When wood fibers start to decay, our home’s health declines rapidly. Rogall + Co’s expertise and preventative home healthcare procedures catches early decay – saving you time, money, stress and worry.

If the relentless elements have already attacked your wood, we are the skilled health practitioners to treat the issue, breathing life back into your home or deck.

Our team provides excellent solutions; whether your primary focus is beauty, or a deeper concern for safety and longevity.

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Jerry Borowick
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“I have successfully contracted with Steve for many years. His employees always paid attention to detail, did excellent work, were courteous, kept me informed as to the progress of the job, were clean, finished on schedule, and always showed up when they said they would. I would certainly recommend Steve to others.”


What tells the most complete and compelling story about your deck or home? Wood! The wood species, age and aspects of its tannins tell the story.

Understanding how to move forward is understanding the tale your wood tells. Far beyond the skills of a novice, our years of dedication give us the tools to decipher exactly how a home was built, and how to care for it.

by Lauren L
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“Steven provided us with excellent service and helpful suggestions. His crew was wonderful to work with and always respectful and thorough. Highly recommend.”


To avoid costly repairs, Rogall + Co advises a proactive wood repair approach. Before repair, we inspect and evaluate the impact of a myriad of factors, including sun, salt, water, dry rot and insects. Did you know that human contact (e.g. skin oils) contribute wear and tear on high trafficked areas. All of these factors strip wood, and expose its fibers to the elements, inviting harmful decay.

By taking home healthcare seriously, we stay true to the original integrity of the build. Old homes are often built with high quality, sturdy old growth wood. In these instances, repair is often better than replacement.

Staying ahead of the deterioration process, saves your home from devastating and expensive damage, remaining sturdy and beautiful for generations to come.

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“We’ve worked with Rogall several times in the last few years. They are professionals and extremely customer and detail oriented.  You couldn’t ask for a better painting and construction crew!”


  • Home health consultation
  • Restoration
  • Reconstruction
  • Dry Rot (identification and repair)
  • Termite damage
  • Protective coatings
  •  Wood preservation (indoor and outdoor)
  • Mold (identification and exterior cleaning)


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